Where to search for an IT expert when there is none on the local market?

Polish technological market is experiencing constant growth, as a result of which the demand for experts in the field is increasing. Everywhere around, recruiters are searching the market for experts, unaware of the fact that is worth to establish their contact network also abroad – better and better qualified staff are coming to Poland from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus or even Armenia.    

Our several years of experience made it possible for us to notice that technological sectors and staff from these countries have very high potential. It is commonly known that the IT industry requires increasingly advanced solutions, and thus more and more programmers. In the era when the market belongs to employees and not to employers, taking into account the lack of valuable and exceptionally qualified experts, it is worth taking a look outside Polish borders. Experienced foreigners may strengthen our position on the international stage.

What else should motivate the recruiters to open to foreign markets? These are among others language skills and international experience, so much appreciated nowadays. People coming from abroad see their future in our country, they begin their studies here, develop their technological as well as language skills. As it is important for them to make a positive impression on the employers, they make every effort possible to gain their trust and references. From our point of view the abovementioned countries constitute very valuable areas for the search of experts and our opinion has resulted from many months of cooperation with specialists from abroad.