The ideal recruitment process in IT

The goal of an effective recruitment process is to detect the skills of potential employees and the selection of candidates based on their results from every stage. Both of these tasks should be completed in advance of the planned time and with the lowest possible costs on the client's side.

In the current market situation, when the demand for developers is still increasing, companies are trying to get the best IT talents at all costs. Companies are happy to offer them participation in the recruitment process. What are the most common mistakes they make?

One of the main problems is entrusting the candidate with a test task, which is to be carried out not at the face to face meeting or during the recruitment interview, but rather in a free time. Why does not this solution work?

1. We take up valuable time of candidate for which he/she could potentially receive a salary. It is also extra time and work for company's employee, who has to check and evaluate given task.

2. Certainly, there will be competitive companies that will not expect our candidate to perform such task, and thus will become a priority for him/her.

Delay in responses regarding a recruitment meeting is the second most common mistake made by companies. Each candidate is more willing to take part in the recruitment process conducted by a company that respects his/her time and meets deadlines, rather than the one for which deadline is an empty word. In companies which recruitment decisions can be made not only by managers are also much better at recruiting IT talent. Unfortunately, it often happens that recruitment of a really good candidate is lost because of the decision-maker’s sick leave or vacation.

An example of a 3-stage recruitment process in the IT industry is as follows:

Conversation with HR

During such conversation, there is possibility to "explore the area": ​​find out the professional motivations of the candidate, his/her expectations for the future employer and the reason for resignation from the current workplace. It is also worth asking about the attitude of teamwork, financial expectations and level of English. It is also a good moment to pre-check how candidate fits into company's mission and whether he/she shares its values.

Interview with a team member + test task while interview

This step aims to check how candidate performs in a given field, how well he/she are familiar with given technology, as well as the general approach to work. You can ask him/her about his/her interests in the technical sphere, give a task to do and test him/her, using open questions. All these activities will show if candidate will fit well in a given position.


Additional stages are neither needed nor recommended. They do not add accuracy of candidate’s abilities. More likely when a decision is made, he/her already accepted another company’s offer.

For the same reason, it is also not worth entering a recruitment task at the very beginning of the process. IT recruitments are significantly different from those carried out in other industries. There are fewer candidates and there is a lot of competition between companies. Because of this, one cannot freely analyze the candidate’s resume and give recruiting tasks to potential employees from the very beginning of staff recruitment, which is also not a good idea in other industries. At the same time, IT candidates themselves are usually more interested in a short recruitment process. Candidates have a lot of different things on their minds and they don't enjoy going to the other job interviews. They are more motivated by short and efficient recruitment.

We encourage to be more effective in developing the recruitment process for your company. It is worth paying attention to the opinion of potential candidates on the way of recruitment process.


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