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We believe that the development of any organization depends on the talents and their effort working in the organization. We focus on searching for the best talents in the industries for our clients-partners, that’s why the products and companies of our clients-partners have the fastest growth rate.

Our Values

Win-win partnership

For us it is important who we cooperate with, because we count on partner relations for win-win mutual development.

Candidate experience

Candidates are our partners in the same way. We provide them with comfortable recruitment processes that will help to truly analyze their skills and receive feedback always on time. We care for candidate experience and these are not empty words for us. We strive to ensure that every candidate is always informed on an ongoing basis, is satisfied with the recruitment process and the offers he receives from us.

Results and development

We focus on the benefits that we provide and the development that we offer to our partners, thanks to the best job offers for our candidates and the best specialists for our partner companies.


Lindleya Str. 16 
Poland, Warsaw, 02-013

Working hours

08:00 – 18.00
Monday – Friday

Contact us

Phone: +48 883 582 331
Email: hello@ges-it.com.pl