How to prepare for recruitment?

Every professional recruitment begins with a conversation with the hiring manager, client's CEO / CTO or with another decision-maker regarding the employment of the specialist. At this stage, communication should be geared to precisely defining the candidate's profile. We need to know the duties of a specialist in a given position and know what candidate we are looking for. We have to be informed what kind of soft and hard skills candidate should have for settle down in new workplace. We should also agree with the other party on the budget for employee search and which date the candidate is to be presented to the client. The result of this conversation is to have clearly defined purpose of recruitment.

Once we determine the purpose of recruitment and collect information from the client, we need to analyze the situation: look at the market and competitors' offers, take into account the number of potential candidates we have in the database or estimate the number of people we are able to additionally find in a given time. We should also think in detail about the entire recruitment process and which sources we will use when looking for the perfect employee for our client. Those are key elements in conducting good sourcing because not every source and method of communication with potential candidates works equally well in every industry, department or every position.

After analyzing the data, it is worth returning to the client or manager with feedback, e.g. our data shows that there are few potential candidates for a given position, in contrast to the number of competitors' offers. We can then propose to the client to develop new sources of acquiring candidates, organize an event for the target group or use an advertising campaign (taking into account the budget for these activities). With open communication on the range, it is worth analyzing the amount at the very beginning - it is very often helpful when recruiting IT specialists. To sum up: it's worth having a clear strategy.

If our strategy shows that given recruitment can be completed within a specified period, then it is worth analyzing the recruitment process on the client's side or internal process once again and take into account number of stages and the time of their carriage. It can depend on whether you can ultimately achieve the planned goal. In the recruitment of IT specialists, the time to provide feedback is crucial, as in this industry the demand for given specialists far exceeds their supply. Customers or managers who extend the process of analyzing candidate profiles, delay return time with feedback after a meeting, or delay the decision to hire a specific person, are generally much smaller chances to get the right talents for their business. When the decision is finally made tired from waiting for feedback candidate may already accepted another offer and even be in the process of going through a one-day recruitment process in another company. That is why it is worth considering the individual stages of recruitment, their number and course as well as the deadline for providing feedback to candidates.

When the strategy is actually ready, it is worth to be prepared to contact the candidates: have a developed form of communication on social networks and carefully plan the presentation of the offer during the interview or meeting with the candidate.


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