How do Social Media influence the recruitment and shape company image?

Social Media have recently become a perfect recruitment tool within the reach of every company. In the USA, over 90% of companies use this tool during the recruitment process. In Poland – 5% of those surveyed. Even if nowadays almost everybody uses social networking sites, their potential is not fully utilized by entrepreneurs.

In spite of the findings above, Social Media seem to be doing pretty well. LinkedIn is the most popular tool here and its character is definitely the most business-oriented. On their LinkedIn profiles, users build employment history and establish a lot of valuable contacts. Facebook is also famous with its company profiles or topic-related groups where you can post advertisements achieving wide reach and attracting potential candidates. Similar ads can be posted on Twitter, and thanks to advertising options offered by Instagram we can reach candidates all over the world. All of the abovementioned tools have very high potential – use them aptly and thanks to the conversion between different channels you will reach the best candidates on the global scale.

It should also be added that good recruitment-oriented marketing campaigns, also those held online with the use of the abovementioned social networking sites, build positive image of the company in the candidates’ eyes. Many companies have already managed to reach the stage when these are the professionals who contact them with the intention to establish cooperation, even outside the currently held recruitment campaigns. In order to build efficient Employer Branding it is a good idea to use the support of experienced agencies specializing in the field.