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GES IT is an international IT recruitment agency based in Warsaw. We help companies and start-ups in finding the best IT employees. We recruit upcoming staff based on information about the businesses, positions, products and company culture of our clients.

We provide IT Recruitment services
  • IT recruitment in Poland
  • IT recruitment in EU
  • IT recruitment in EE
  • IT recruitment with relocation
  • IT outstaffing


CTO, CIO, CPO, Head of Engineering, VP.


Front-end developer, Back-end developer, Data Engineer, QA, Data Scientist, AI Engineer, MLops Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Computer Vision Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Mobile Developer, Cloud Engineer, Security Engineer, Solutions Architect.


Product Manager, Product Analyst, Data Analyst, UX/U Designer, Product Owner, Scrum Master.


Frequently asked questions and answers

No problem. We have experience in supporting companies that would like to open their offices in Poland and Eastern markets.

We know that as an employer you expect the employees that join your company are characterised by responsibility and diligence, and we are ready to find them for you.

Yes, we often offer a success fee model, yet we do not exclude the possibility of a prepayment for non-standard cases that are associated with additional risk, of which we duly inform our clients before signing a contract.

Yes, and every client receives the option to choose between a contract with or without the guarantee. We adapt to any expectation.

Yes, we have completed hundreds of recruitments with relocations of specialists from Eastern markets to EU countries.

We are able to provide support in issues related to the legal residency of candidates.

Our clients receive profiles of the first candidates within 7-10 days of signing a contract.

Usually, we close the recruitment process within 3-4 weeks (including all necessary formalities), yet we have also managed to finalise recruitments within a week.

With our clients, we discuss the scenarios of potential difficult situations, and suggest what clients can do should a long process let a candidate accept an offer from another company

We can find IT specialists for any position, and knowledgeable in any technology.

We have extensive experience in finding employees at many levels, for example, CTOs, CIOs, Staff Software Engineers, Heads of Engineering, and VPs.

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