10 questions from candidates that are worth answering

During recruitment, each recruiter receives various questions from candidates. Today I would like to write about the most important ones. The answer can be crucial. It depends on it whether you win the candidate and whether all recruitment will be successful.

1. Range of salary

You will usually be the first to hear this question if you did not mention the range in the announcement or the first contact with the candidate. Information about possible earnings is the most important for candidates, especially if they are satisfied with the place where they currently work. From their perspective, it makes no sense to continue to talk or exchange news about a given recruitment, if it is known in advance that they will lose more than they gain from changing jobs.

2. Technology stack

This is key information for most IT candidates. Not knowing the stack in a given professional offer, the candidate does not know whether a given proposal should interest him/her at all. Candidate wants to know if he/she familiar with particular technology and wants to work with it.

3. Possibility of work on remote

Another very common topic. Analyzing the market, it can be seen that many people employed in IT prefer to work 100% remotely or at least be able to work partially remotely - once or twice a week.

4. Office location

This is also important information for some candidates, especially those living in larger cities or in towns near these cities.

5. Methodology

A lot of candidates after getting acquainted with the basic information ask about which methodology they will work in a given company or a specific project. They quickly assess whether it is "okay" for them. If not, then you, as a recruiter, will be the first to know about it, even if you do not know much about the methodologies at the moment.

6. How many people work in a company / IT department / team?

It's worth knowing a bit about it. Candidates often want to know how big a company is and how extensive its IT department is.

7. What forms of employment does employer offer?

In fact, candidates are most often interested in two forms: B2B and Employment Contract. Civil law contracts are chosen by them extremely rarely.

8. How does the company settle within B2B?

It is about whether it is a fixed monthly/hourly amount.

9. Does the company allow holidays as part of B2B cooperation?

Yes, there are offers where such vacation exists. So there are also candidates who ask about it.

10. What is the name of the company?

If the recruitment agency cannot provide the name of the company for which it is recruiting, it is very likely that the candidate will resign from participation in the entire process. The recruitment times when company name is anonymous are long gone. Currently, you should not be afraid that the candidate, knowing the name of the target company, will apply to it himself/herself. Everyone is already aware that profit for the recruiter and recruitment agencies depends on it.


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