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GES IT is an international IT recruitment agency based in Warsaw. We help product companies and start-ups to hire the best IT employees. We are looking for future employees based on information about the company, idea, position, product, company culture of our clients. We believe in people and the idea that interested to change our life. We want to help them to develop their companies.

We provide IT Recruitment service

Individual approach

We work on success fee terms with everyone Client. We understand the requirement of business each of our Clients.


We present candidate in the first 5 days, we understand that time is the business opportunity of our Clients.


We have the knowledge and experience necessary to conduct professional services.


We employ only qualified advisors who know the specificity of the business process and support on every step.

Best services for you

By focusing on your needs we are doing what we had done in ourself business for your company.


Frequently asked questions and answers

Of course, we have experience in supporting companies that are thinking to open an office in Poland, as well as in the Eastern markets.

We know that you as an employer expect responsibility and diligence from the first employee who join the company and we are ready to provide you with a solution.

Yes, we often offer a success fee, but we do not exclude the possibility of receiving a prepayment for non-standard cases, which are associated with an additional risk, of which we immediately inform our clients before signing the contract.

Yes, every customer will receive an option to choose between the contract with and without the guarantee. We are flexible in terms of cooperation.

Yes, we have completed hundreds of recruitments with the relocation of specialists from Eastern markets to EU countries as well as within the EU. 

We are able to provide support in questions of legal stay of candidates. 

Our clients receive the profiles of first candidates from us within 7-10 days from the moment of signing the contract.

Usually we close the recruitment process within 3-4 weeks with all formalities.

We were able to complete end-to-end recruitment process within a week.

We consult our clients on how to avoid unpleasant situations, for example when a candidate accepts an offer from another company due to a long process.

We can find IT specialists for every position and every technology.

We have a wide experience in finding employees for different levels. For example, CTO, CIO, as well as the positions of Staff Software Engineer, Head of Engineer, VP.

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