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GES IT is a recruitment agency based in Poland, in Warsaw. We help our clients to hire the best employees in Poland, Ukraine, Russia and Belarus to the departments of IT, Sales, HR, BI, Finance. Thanks to our experienced solution to the most complex problems of our clients in the short term by means of an individual strategy based on set goals.

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How We Work

Individual approach

We work on individual fee terms with everyone Client. We understand the requirement of business each of our Clients.


We work efficiently and quickly, we understand that time is the business opportunity of our Clients.


We have the knowledge and experience necessary to conduct professional services.


We employ only qualified advisors who know the specificity of the business process and support on every step.

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By focusing on your needs we are doing what we had done in ourself business for your company.


Lindleya Str. 16 
Poland, Warsaw, 02-013

Working hours

08:00 – 18.00 
Monday – Friday

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Phone: +48 883 582 331

Email: hello@ges-it.com.pl